Celebrating 25 years of Reuterina

Reuterina recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion Austell hosted a Reuterina conference from the 26 – 28 May 2023. This conference was held at the picturesque The Capital Zimbali Lodge in Ballito, Durban, and included sessions with renowned international speakers in the gastroenterology and probiotic fields.

The theme for Reuterina’s 25th anniversary celebration was ‘Thrive with Reuterina,’ and guests were treated to quite the experience with delicious food, entertainment and a day featuring talks from some of the top specialists in the field of gastroenterology and probiotics. One of the talks included a session with Prof Metehan Ōzen specialist in Paediatric Infectious Diseases from Turkey who spoke about the use of probiotics for the restoration of gut health during antibiotic use and gastroenteritis. Another international speaker at the event was paediatric gastroenterologist Dr Waceke Nganga Kombe who shared updates on the importance of maternal and early infancy supplementation of probiotics to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Our local speakers at the event included, Prof Adrian Brink, Prof Evette van Niekerk, Dr Jody Rusch and Tanya Muller. Prof Brink is a professor of microbiology who has 122 peer-reviewed publications. He shared the latest publications and findings on antibiotic resistance and stewardship in South Africa. Prof Evette van Niekerk is well-known in her field of dietetics where she shared knowledge on the role of probiotics in improving gut health and immunity in paediatrics. Dr Rusch is very established in the field of chemical pathology and shared interesting findings in Microbiota-Gut-Brain-Axis.
As of May 2023, Austell Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Reuterina Brand. “We are extremely excited to have acquired Reuterina, which is already so well-known and trusted in the industry. We can’t wait to celebrate the next 25 years of Reuterina under the Austell umbrella, says Suhail Gani, CEO and Founder of Austell Pharmaceuticals.

Event planner: Paula Davis
Designer: ODA
Photographer: Centaine Shafer Photography
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