Investing in the future of South Africa

As a company, Austell is passionate about effecting change in the lives of people in their community. Therefore, we were extremely excited that we could make a real difference in the life of young Frank Nyathi by sponsoring his education. Frank’s father, David Nyathi, who has been working for Austell for six years, describes how life-changing this opportunity is for his son.

David and his wife moved to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 2015 looking for better opportunities for themselves as well as their two-year-old son, Frank. Through the Al Noor Foundation, Austell granted Frank a full bursary to study at a prestigious school in Johannesburg. “This opportunity means a lot to me and my family. It is going to help my son get a better education, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford. What they have done for me is a blessing,” said David.

“It all began when I brought my son to work with me one day and introduced him to Dr Hafeez Mohamed from Austell,” explains David. After hearing how well my son was doing at school, Dr Mohamed chatted to founder and CEO of Austell, Suhail Gani. A few days later, I was called in to chat to them about Frank’s future, explains the 35-year-old. “I was speechless when they told me that they wanted to help me get my son into a new school that could push him to his full potential, and they wanted to sponsor his entire education through the Al Noor Foundation. To get lucky like this is not easy. It doesn’t happen to everyone. I just want to thank Austell and urge them to continue helping other people like they helped me,” said David.
Young Boy Wearing KEPS School Uniform & Branded Surgical Mask

Finding ways to help people and give back to the community is an integral part of the Austellian culture. Through the Al Noor Foundation, a non-profit organisation that was launched by the company in 2020, Austell helps individuals who are struggling in the community through various projects. One of these projects is the Austell School Adoption Fund that supports schools in underprivileged communities by providing them with critical resources. The Austell Library Fund provides underprivileged schools and communities with turnkey library solutions.
Read more about the Al Noor Foundation’s activities here.
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